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While most motorists can name the respective benefits and drawbacks of petrol, diesel, and these days electric cars, LPG often stumps people; as the Hampshire area’s local LPG specialists, we subsequently feel the need to address myths surrounding autogas conversion, to help counteract this dearth of knowledge. So that’s exactly what we’ve done in this latest blog!


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5 LPG Myths, Busted by Your LPG Specialists in Hampshire


Autogas Conversion No Longer Saves You ££££ - We’re not sure where this myth came from, but we can assure you it’s totally off the mark. LPG is around half the price of petrol, making it far cheaper to run a vehicle following an autogas conversion. Keep in mind that following your visit to our LPG installers, your vehicle will still be capable of running on petrol should your LPG supply run low; so these savings rely on you not getting too complacent, and ensuring you keep your LPG in play. Regular LPG servicing can also help keep the system efficient and improve miles to the gallon.


LPG Can Lead to a Drop-off in Performance – An autogas conversion handled by LPG specialists like our own, just a short drive from Hampshire in Surrey’s New Malden, will not lead to any change in performance. It’s only poor quality installations by rookie LPG installers, who use long runs of piping through which the gas cannot travel quickly enough, that impact performance.


LPG Systems Aren’t Safe – In fact, quite the opposite is true! LPG is stored in liquid form in safety-checked steel containers that are incredibly durable. Tests have shown that in the event of a crash, LPG vehicle occupants have 3x longer to escape their vehicle than a standard petrol one. Do ensure that trained LPG installers fit your system, however – a poor quality fit will drastically increase the likelihood of a fault.


Finding Reputable LPG Installers is Difficult – It can’t be that hard, as you’ve already found one! If you’re in Hampshire, Surrey or London, visit A to Z LPG. As dedicated LPG specialists providing not just installation, but repair and LPG servicing to ensure your system is efficient and in good working order all year round, we’re a one-stop solution for all aspects of autogas conversion.


LPG Isn’t Good for the Environment – Perhaps the most infuriating myth of all, due to just HOW wrong it is! Eco-conscious motorists in the Hampshire area should consider visiting our LPG installers, as we can reduce diesel NO2 emissions by 80% and petrol vehicles by 5 to 7 times! This does rely on the system functioning well, so be sure to look after it via regular LPG servicing.

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