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About our LPG systems and how they work


At A to Z LPG we fit your vehicle with an independent, alternative fuel system, specifically designed to run LPG. This way your vehicle can run equally happily using either LPG or Petrol, although the same cannot be said for your wallet!


We use the best available equipment to ensure the best possible driving experience and reliability. We use 4th generation multipoint fully sequential gas injection LPG systems from BRC, designed to maximise fuel efficiency and performance.


BRC are the largest manufacturer of LPG equipment in the world. BRC equipment is fitted as the factory option for Mercedes UK, Citroen, Ford, Fiat, Hyundai, Peugeot, Chrysler, Suburu, Mitsubishi and Suzuki. We believe BRC offers the ultimate combination of quality, reliability, value and innovation.


The LPG system uses a master/slave relationship with the existing ECU, the computer that runs your vehicles engine management system. In other words, the LPG system uses the existing engines computer to control the gas injectors.



BRC Gas Equipment


We have fitted different LPG systems but consistently find BRC to deliver the best combination of value, reliability, innovation and performance. From our experience, the next generation operating software used by BRC uses market leading, next generation operating software which delivers outstanding performance and economy. BRC uniquely changes from one fuel type to another by changing two cylinders at a time over a 3 second period, allowing for a smooth, seamless change from petrol to LPG and back again.



LPG Refuelling Guide


How it works imageAll LPG refuelling installations are located within existing petrol service stations, with most LPG dispensers situated under the forecourt canopy next to the petrol & diesel pumps. LPG refuelling is simple and efficient, carried out in much the same way as petrol and diesel with a hose and nozzle designed to lock onto the filling connector on the vehicle.


Once the connection is made, the driver simply presses and holds down a button on the dispenser until they have put the required amount of fuel into their vehicle or until the tank is full. LPG tanks are fitted with a valve that stops the flow once the tank has reached its maximum safe filling level. Once the meter stops, the driver simply disconnects the nozzle and returns it to the dispenser.