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Welcome to another instalment of the A to Z LPG blog! Here, we’ve looked to collect up a number of questions we commonly receive from prospective customers in our home county of Surrey, in which we’re known throughout as the go-to autogas conversion / LPG specialists. Many are questions from curious parties yet to make the switch, so should form a great resource for those still doing their research online.


Should you make the decision to switch, however, or you are an existing proponent and in need of professional maintenance such as LPG servicing, call our LPG installers right away on 0208 336 5959. Our friendly team are at hand and ready to help!


An LPG FAQ – Surrey Clients’ Questions Answered


How do LPG systems function?


A large tank is installed within the boot of your vehicle. Piping then links the valves and engine itself. The gas supplied passes through a filter, and a pressure regulator ensures the system operates properly. Once you’ve run through your supply of LPG, your vehicle will switch back to petrol, so there’s little chance Surrey users will run out of fuel unless they neglect both supplies.


How safe is an LPG vehicle?


As the gas is stored in liquid form, it’s just as safe as petrol if not more so; this is because LPG is stored in a very thick steel tank. Any leak that might occur in case of a serious accident is typically small and of no real threat.


Tests carried out by safety bodies show that if a fire were to occur, occupants of a LPG equipped vehicle would have 3x longer to escape than in a traditional, petrol-powered car. We recommend, just as with any vehicle, you invest in LPG servicing regularly to ensure your system stays safe and emerging issues can be dealt with by our LPG specialists before they endanger you.


Does it cost much to convert a vehicle to LPG?


Prices vary depending on the type of system you’re opting for and your particular vehicle. Contact our autogas conversion and LPG installers in New Malden, Surrey, for a quote.


What kind of savings can you make with an LPG vehicle?


LPG costs around half the price of petrol. If you’re able to operate your vehicle solely off LPG, you’d slice your bill in half! It’s easy to see why LPG specialists are so in demand right now!


Are LPG systems more or less harmful to the environment?


Less. LPG burns 80% less NO2 than diesel, and a whopping 5x – 7x less than petrol. In this sense it’s ideal for eco-conscious motorists in the Surrey area. Keep your LPG system in good condition with our LPG servicing, and ensure these emission reduction is optimised.

Have a question not answered above? Perhaps you want to book in an appointment with our LPG installers, or schedule LPG servicing? Call our Surrey premises on 0208 336 5959.

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