Lower Emissions, Lower Costs

LPG or Autogas, as it's usually known, is the most accessible alternative fuel available to petrol and diesel in the UK today. Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and best of all, much cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model. Recent independent tests have also shown that out of the three fuels, LPG has the best environmental record.


There are currently around 11 million drivers worldwide using LPG. They are producing less harmful emissions than those driving petrol or diesel, whilst making significant savings at the pumps. In the UK, LPG costs just under half the price of petrol and diesel, usually resulting in annual savings of around 40% in fuel costs.



What is LPG?


Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a natural hydrocarbon fuel made up of Propane and Butane. When stored under pressure it becomes a dense liquid allowing large quantities of gas to be stored in a relatively small space, which means it can be easily stored in a tank. This makes LPG an ideal alternative to petrol for your vehicle.


Approximately 60% of the world's supply is produced from the separation of gas products, with the remaining 40% produced in the refining of crude oil. The UK currently exports around 45% of its LPG production, so there is plenty of supply.


The Scientific Stuff


LPG was originally a burnt off by-product of oil production industry but is now recognised as a very clean burning energy source. As it's so pure, LPG produces hardly any harmful particulate pollutants and produces 20% less CO2 than petrol. Oxides of Nitrogen and Particulate pollution in urban areas are a significant contribution to health damaging 'smog'. This is primarily why LPG is such an environmentally friendly fuel.


If a vehicle usually does about 30 miles per gallon with petrol, will achieve about 27 mpg with LPG. This figure can vary due to vehicle make, age and condition of engine.

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